May Team Trainer Production

Team Revolution - Possibility to Reality

May Team Trainer Production

May 26, 2019 Team Revolution

Team Revolution’s mission to create an environment for people to achieve personal Financial Freedom has never been more FOCUSED.



Top RDs in May Team Trainer Production

(as of 5/25)

#1 Tessa & Casey Snyder

#2 Danielle & James Adlam

#3 Art & Mahelle Tajanlangit 

#4 Jamaine & Natalie Aikens

#5 Jamelle Christian

Top ETLs in May Team Trainer Production

(as of 5/25)

#1 Becky Blothernburg

#2 Jason Droddy 

#3 Will Hardy

#4 Jason Goldberg

#5 Becky Smitt

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