March To Freedom VIP Top 5 Winners

Team Revolution - Possibility to Reality

March To Freedom VIP Top 5 Winners

March 12, 2018 Team Revolution

TOP 5  ETTs, ETLs, & TCs

Top 5 Team Coordinators

#1 Shihan & Theresa Aluyen, CA

#2 James & Danielle Adlam, MD

#3 Art Tajanlangit, NJ

#4 Rhonda Auguste, NJ

#4 Angelique Davis, DE

#5 John Belen, IL

#5 Reynold Small, MD

Executive Team Leaders

#1 Felix Soriano, CA

#2 Arjane Aluyen, CA

#3 De Vera Inc, CA

#4 Leny David, IL

#5 Nathaniel, NJ

Executive Team Trainer

#1 Gladys Narvades, CA

#2 Clemente Soriano, CA

#3 James & Danielle Adlam (ETT Open), MD

#4 Maribeth Kakinuma, Korea

#5 Idayana Kornelias, CA


TOP 5  ETTs, ETLs, & TCs

In team building (Team Trainer) production from March 1st – March 12th earned a place at the VIP Lunch with Co-founder and President Mr. Greg Provenzano.


They will have the opportunity for one-on-one time with Co-founder Mr Greg Provenzano.  Learn tips and tricks for enhancing their business from the gentleman who help create, build and expand ACN.


  1. They shared the ACN Business Opportunity with everyone they knew.
  2. After they shared the opportunity, people either join their team and mission OR they became their customer. Either way it moved their business forward and they provided meals for  children. Win. Win.
  3. Every person that joined their team between March 1st – March 12th moved them closer the Top 5 spot. 

You can’t put a price tag on the knowledge theywill receive at this VIP Luncheon, and who knows? Maybe next year they will be at this luncheon as an RVPP!




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