Customer Champions

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Customer Champions

October 25, 2019 ACN International Training Event

The following individuals recently achieved a significant Customer point milestone. We look forward to celebrating them in Long Beach California. 

300pt Milestone Champions

Casey & Tessa Snyder, 300pts

Natalie & Jamaine Akins, 300pts (2nd position)

250pt Milestone Champions

Natalie & Jamaine Akins, 250pts (2nd position)

200pt Milestone Champions

Junemarcia Harris, 200pts

Natalie & Jamaine Akins, 200pts (2nd position)

150pt Milestone Champions

Garvey Ince, 150pts

Melinda Ham-Robertson, 150pts

Miameesha Brooks, 150pts

Natalie & Jamaine Akins, 150pts (2nd position)

100pt Milestone Champions

Andrew & Cookie Britt, 100pts (2nd position)

Arthur Carr, 100pts

Aubrey Libscomb Jr, 100pts

Bernard Madu, 100pts

Candice & Dexter Dometiza, 100pts

Droddy Family, 100pts

Enora Moss, 100pts

Evan & Lauren Alterman, 100pts

Gabriela Auguste, 100pts

Jonathan Dirkes, 100pts

Josephine Heard Deans, 100pts

Kevin O’Connor, 100pts

Kizhaya & Chiri Roberts, 100pts  (2nd position)

Nathaniel Wilson, 100pts

Roosevelt Farmer, 100pts

Sharon Aitcheson, 100pts

Trish & Rosemer Talaboc, 100pts

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