25 Years in the Making – One Epic Event

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25 Years in the Making – One Epic Event

February 12, 2017 James Adlam


We have all experienced moments when everything changed. The 25th Anniversary International training will be THAT event for you.

Of course you are already registered to attend the most important event in your business history.

The question is, are those individuals that matter the most registered to attend with you? Thats the key. As the wealth principle still holds true “In order for YOU to succeed … you must help enough people succeed.”

Who will YOU take a stand for and bring with you? Who will you help succeed by having them attend the most important event in ACN?

  • FACT: ACN will reach a billion dollars.
  • QUESTION: How much will generate back into your home? Promote everyone that you care about to come to the international training event.

In Preparation for Charlotte

1st Step – Check your back office to make sure YOU and YOUR team are registered for ACN’s 25th anniversary international event (Register at www.acnreg.com   Pre-Registration price ends Tuesday, Feb 21st)

2nd Step – Join Team Revolution’s Exclusive Texting System. This will allow you to receive real time Team information while at the event.

  • Text the words: Follow   Teamrevinc (add a space between the words: follow  teamrevinc)
  • Send text to the number: 40404

Team Revolution Weekend Attire:

  • Thursday & Sunday: Business casual with custom team t-shirts.
  • Friday: All black business attire with custom team tie/scarf.
  • Saturday: All black business attire with chiffon blue tie/scarf

Team Revolution has a special TRADITION. We wear our team custom attire throughout the event. Our team attire represents what we as a team stand for; Freedom (time & wealth), Vision & Courage.

We wear blue on Saturday to represent we are One ACN. One Family.

Bring pin/pad/audio recorder, planner & list of names & numbers of everyone you know.

Weekend Itinerary  


  • Attire: Casual with team custom t-shirt.
  • 11:30am – TCs/RDs/RVPs/SVPs only. Special Planning Session.
  • 1:30 – ETLs/TCs/RDs/RVPs/SVPs only. Strategy Session
  • 2:15pm – Special Leadership event for all Team Revolution business partners.
    • Reminder as a tradition, have your team t-shirt on before entering event.
    • Register For event at https://TeamRevolutionFreedom.com by Sunday, February 26th
    • Charlotte Convention Center – ROOM 218AB – 501 S College St, Charlotte NC 28202
    • Bring snacks (fruit, water, energy bars, etc) & Pick-up your purchased Team attire. There is a Starbucks with grab and go food inside the convention center. Starbucks closes at 3pm.


  • Attire: Business – all black with Team Revolution custom silk camo scarf or tie.
  • 8:30am – TCs/RDs/RVPs/SVPs & 100Customer Champions attend Special Cofounder Exclusive Event
  • 12:30pm – TTs/QTTs/ETLs & Guests – Spectrum Center–Bring ACN registration printed badge, to enter.
    • Arrive early so our team can sit together. Seating section will be sent to you via Team text.
    • Eat a big breakfast. Bring light snacks (nuts, dry fruit, energy bars, chocolate, etc.).
    • Eat Lunch before arriving. It is also available for purchase inside the arena.
  • 6:30pm OR immediately following training, Team Revolution VIP team wide event.
    • Charlotte Convention Center – 501 S College St. Charlotte, NC ROOM 217AB
    • Team Meet & Greet, Recognition, Promotions, Awards and Special announcements.
    • Receive Team Light-Up Stick
    • $10 (pay on site)
    • Pick-up your pre-purchased Team Apparel (ties, scarfs & t-shirts)


  • Attire: Business – all black with BLUE tie/scarf
  • Bring your team light up stick given at team event
  • Gather at the Spectrum Center, time and street address will be texted to you Friday night.
    • We sit together as a team. The team’s seating section will be sent to YOU via text.
  • Pre-plan your lunch options. Training usually breaks for lunch between 12:30 and 1:30pm.

SUNDAY, MARCH 5th (James Adlam trains on stage at the Spectrum Center)

  • Attire: Business/casual – team custom t-shirts
  • Bring Your light up stick given out at Friday Team Event
  • 7am Non-denominational Worship (optional – great time to secure seats)
  • 1pm OR immediately after Mr. Provenzano’s final remarks the team gathers together near arena for quick success plans and goodbyes. Location sent via text. You want to hear founders Closing Remarks!

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