LUNCH with Mr. Provenzano Contest …

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LUNCH with Mr. Provenzano Contest …

March 11, 2018 James Adlam

In case you missed all the buzz on Wednesday, don’t miss out on having lunch  with ACN’s Co-Founder and President, Mr. Greg Provenzano !

What an amazing experience YOU will have … (really exciting …) 😉


If you saw THE WEBINAR LIVE with Mr. Provenzano, you already know that hundreds to thousands of people are excited and traveling by plane, train, bus and car to meet Mr. Provenzano in person on:
Which means, YOU have an amazing opportunity. You get to meet and have lunch with Mr. Provenzano. Reach out to your mentor (TC,RD,RVP, SVP or email me at [email protected] so we can give you a game plan to WIN.
There is STILL TIME for you to WIN. But reach out quickly before we pull a Willy Wonka and lock the gates …
“Great James…but why is this so important?”
There’s 3 critical reasons you need to WIN contest and  join Mr. Provenzano for Lunch  BEFORE the contest closes on the 12th… 
#1) We may not have this opportunity again. EVER.   

We 100% don’t know if we will ever get this opportunity again.

If we ever get this opportunity again, it would likely be in 2020 … because of global expansion schedule.

If you want to hear first hand on the secrets to achieving RVP  and what’s coming, make sure you win the TOP 5 spot and join Mr. Provenzano for lunch.
Make TODAY and TOMORROW count. Share the opportunity with at least 20 people. Reach out to your mentor and get the game plan. You are closer than you know
#2) You’ll be ‘A STEP AHEAD’ in your business!   
If we get the opportunity in 2019 to have this again, your business will be far ahead because you secured one of the TOP 5 spots and had lunch with Mr. Provenzano in March 2018
I didn’t get this opportunity until I reached the RVP milestone and I was in the room with hundred of other RVPs.
BUT – You Win Top 5 Spot, and you will have LUNCH with Co-Founder Mr. Greg Provenzano (and your business will change dramatically).
#3) You get intimate access to Mr. Provenzano and Lunch (for Free!)

To have an opportunity to sit with one of the four co-founders who build a company that has a track record of  25 years, 25 countries and help make a significant difference in thousands of individuals across the world is PRICELESS.
If a lunch like this should ever occur again, you will not have access to the life changing information that will be shared.
This is your ONE chance to get access to Co-Founder, President Mr. Greg Provenzano, the gentleman who has help transformed thousands businesses and lives around the world.

James Adlam

P.S. – Don’t forget, you are one person closer to …

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