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New Executive Team Trainers (ETTs)

September 1, 2018 Team Revolution

CONGRATULATIONS – NEW ETT & ETL PROMOTIONS Adam Miller Ada Delvalle Addison Pecht Alexander Cooper Alexander Cooper, ETL in < 30 days Aliyah Witherspoon Alphonse Seneque Andre’ Delaney A & M Business Services LLC A & M Business Services LLC, ETL in < 30 Days Arabia Witherspoon Aziz Smith Aziz Smith, ETL Bailey Richardson Bailey…

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June 15, 2018 ACN International Training Event

Team Revolution’s mission to create an environment for people to achieve personal Freedom has never been more FOCUSED. STEP 1 Register for Nationals  STEP 2 Register for Team’s exclusive Thursday, June 21st Team San Jose Leadership Event. Location: Hyatt Place San Jose 282 Almaden Blvd San Jose, CA 95113 (Register Before It Sells Out)…

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Weather Report for ACN’s BIGGEST Event in San Jose, California

June 13, 2018 ACN International Training Event

With 2 days until the BIGGEST HISTORICAL  ACN Training Event, I want you to be READY, so I’m sending you tips on how to get the most out of the event. WEATHER It’s Going to Be Warm, Cool and Sunny  If you’ve never been to San Jose… Get ready for Warm, Cool and Sunny Outside of the arena it will be WARM & SUNNY  Thursday, Friday,…

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May TT Top Producers

May 27, 2018 Team Revolution

TOP TEAM TRAINERS PRODUCTION REGIONAL  DIRECTORS #1 Kaizen #2 James & Danielle Adlam #3 Spirited Conquerer #4 Art & Mahelle Tajalangit #5 Cedric Troncoso TEAM COORDINATORS #1 Casey Snyder, PA #2 James Adlam, MD #3 Shihan & Theresa Aluyen, CA #4 Art & Mahelle Tajalangit, NJ #5 Marie Seneque, NY EXECUTIVE TEAM LEADERS #1 Sandra Chase,…

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Project Feeding Kids #10Energy

May 24, 2018 Team Revolution

 IN 3 DAYS … together WE will feed a record number of kids.   From Monday, May 21 – Wednesday May 23rd The following individuals chose to play the game of EACH acquiring 10 Energy customers to help feed 10 families each and end childhood hunger. Thank you — Adam Minggia Aisha Isackson Andrea Brown Clarke…

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from Impossible to Possible CoFounder Dinner Contest

Team Revolution

From Impossible to Possible MAY VIP CoFounder Dinner WINNERS TOP 5 Executive Team Leaders (ETLs) #1 Shihan & Theresa Aluyen, CA (ETL Open) #2 Chiri & Kizhaya Roberts, NY (ETL Open) #3 Sandra Chase, PA #3 Karl Joseph, NJ #3 Garvey Ince, NJ #4 Jacob Munoz, PA #4 Janet Cano, CA #5 De Vera Inc, CA #5 George…

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2018 James Adlam

Happy Mother’s Day Here are a few principles my mother shared with my sister in-law that I like to  pass on to to ALL WOMEN on this Mother’s Day 1. Girls and Queens… Do the people in your life know your big dreams? If not, you are being a little girl scared to share her…

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TCs,RDs,RVPs & SVPs Leadership Documents

May 5, 2018 Knowledge

This file will delete by 12pm Thursday, June 21st CLICK => TCs, RDs, RVPs, & SVPs ONLY Spartan CLICK => CABs DOCUMENT Print the following two documents Have the documents ready for Thursday Leadership San Jose event.

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April 16, 2018 Team Revolution

TOP 5 EXECUTIVE TEAM TRAINERs WINNERs [The #1 Will Be Able To Interact With Mr Larry Raskin] #1 Idayana Kornelias, CA (ETT open) #2 Akemia Nguyen, PA #3 Juanna Lopez, NJ #4 Marie Pepe, NJ #5 Dimitry Shabliuk, CA #5 Ramon Bellamy, NJ #5 Richard Harris, NJ   TOP 5 EXECUTIVE TEAM LEADERs WINNERS [The #1…

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March 20, 2018 Team Revolution

Top 3 ETLs & #1 TC in team building (Team Trainer) production  THE ETL WINNERS #1 De Vera Inc, CA #1 Danielle & James Adlam, MD #2 Garvey Ince, NJ #3 Wanda Davis, NJ #3 Madilynn Whittle, NJ ——– #4 Arjane Aluyen #5 Jordan McKenna #6 Tim Visser #7 Richard Dionora #8 George Santiago #9 Elasa…

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