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Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2018 James Adlam

Happy Mother’s Day Here are a few principles my mother shared with my sister in-law that I like to  pass on to to ALL WOMEN on this Mother’s Day 1. Girls and Queens… Do the people in your life know your big dreams? If not, you are being a little girl scared to share her…

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LUNCH with Mr. Provenzano Contest …

March 11, 2018 James Adlam

In case you missed all the buzz on Wednesday, don’t miss out on having lunch  with ACN’s Co-Founder and President, Mr. Greg Provenzano ! What an amazing experience YOU will have … (really exciting …) 😉     **WARNING** THE LUNCH WITH MR. PROVENZANO CONTEST CLOSES ON MARCH 12TH!  If you saw THE WEBINAR LIVE with Mr….

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February 13, 2018 James Adlam, Knowledge

With 2 day until ACN’s International Event in Charlotte, I want you to be READY. First Time in Charlotte? (Read this…) Is coming to the 25th Anniversary International Event going to be your first time in Charlotte and ACN training event? Charlotte is an amazing town! Great food, people and the home of ACN! ACN’s Nationals are exciting and full of great tools to…

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Where Are You in Your Process?

January 3, 2018 James Adlam

I hope this finds you and your family blessed. When you joined ACN you saw the opportunity for residual income. You saw the logic of getting paid on essential services. Where are you in your process? Are you building your residual income? Have you been promoted in the compensation plan? Have your goals been met? Your Daily…

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6 Sales Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Follow Today

April 7, 2017 James Adlam, Knowledge

  CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE James Adlam featured in the article  | Entrepreneur| April 3rd 2017 “We’ve reached out to the industry’s top sales influencers to get your their best sales advice”

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25 Years in the Making – One Epic Event

February 12, 2017 James Adlam

  We have all experienced moments when everything changed. The 25th Anniversary International training will be THAT event for you. Of course you are already registered to attend the most important event in your business history. The question is, are those individuals that matter the most registered to attend with you? Thats the key. As…

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2017 The year of importance

January 1, 2017 James Adlam

2017 is THE most important year of your life. Why? 1. You’re still here. You’re still here. You still have the opportunity to create what you want. .   .   . 2. Everyday is precious Everyday is precious. Now is the time to take advantage of the time we have been blessed with. ….

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Working For Yourself in 2017

December 28, 2016 James Adlam, Knowledge

Top 5 Real Reasons working for yourself is predicted to reach a record high in 2017  IN TEAM REVOLUTION INC | FOR EVERYONE 1. You thought about it in 2016   Before 2016, I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I didn’t love it, but I loved the income. If you’ve ever been out of work, you…

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