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February 1, 2018 ACN News

We are exactly TWO WEEKS away from the BIGGEST, BADDEST, MOST EPIC event ACN will ever throw! 
Have you registered? 
If not, do yourself and your business a favor and take 3 minutes to click the button below and pre-register. Special pricing ends February 6 at midnight PST and we don’t want you to miss out.


We are hard at work at the ACN World Headquarters to ensure that this event blows you away! You need to be there to experience the excitement, the energy and HISTORY! Invest in your future and your business by attending the Charlotte International Convention.


Your 2018 Charlotte International Convention Speakers are here!
You WON’T want to miss out on these dynamic speakers:

James Adlam COC:SVP

Nekoda Bragg COC:RVPP

Aaron Burt COC:SVP

Michael An COC:SVP

Patrick Maser COC:SVP

Debbie Davis COC:SVP

Spencer Hunn SVP:COC

Steve Payten RVPP

There are 11 more days to qualify for the special VIP treatment in Charlotte including an invite to the special VIP Lunch. Is your name on the list below?

Regional Vice President

1. Cav. Franco Lofranco
2. Team Revolution Global, Inc – James Adlam
3. Dynasty Marketing Inc – Nekoda & Monica Bragg
4. Impact International LLC – Steven & Tiffany Payten
5. The X-Factor System, LLC – Megan & Ryan Williams
6. Choices, Inc. – Debbie & Geoff Davis
7. Coalition Enterprises, Inc. – Chanelle Burt
8. Mark Olshenitsky
9. Coalition System, Inc.- Cody & Marlo Mackie
10. Patrick Maser & Michael Maser
11. Danny Volonino
12. Michael Maser & Patrick Maser
13. Envisionit, Inc. – Adam Roop
14. Limitless International, LLC – Arturo Nesci & Raul Velazquez Jr.
15. Michael & Jennifer Crowder

Regional Director 

1. Demarco & Laketha Lucas
2. Danny Volonino
3. Corey & Tonya Anderson
4. Caesar Tapia
5. Aubrey D. Wright
6. Next World Development, Inc. – Byron Nelson
7. Envisionit, Inc. – Adam Roop*
7. Jeremy Reid*
9. Abundant Communications International Network, Inc. – Mack Hall
10. Max A. Sherrell
11. Impact Dynasty, LLC – Antonio & Lorrel Churn
12. DT Global, Inc. – Dean Tarrolly
13. Limitless International, LLC – Arturo Nesci & Raul Velazquez Jr.
14. Momentum Group USA, LLC – Violeta Oleksak & Juan Saavedra
15. Jennifer Galo

Team Coordinator

1. Darin Edward Thomas
2. Tyler D. Sanders
3. Rhonda Auguste*
3. Nataliya Dovgan*
5. Advantage Global Partners, LLC – Esther Carter
6. Full Throttle Income – John Barringer & Gina Faraci*
6. Shaun McQuisition*
8. Michael Dellamonica*
8. Michelle & Gary Walker*
10. Angelique Davis
11. Ahmed Masad
12. Floyd Foster*
12. Steve Hyun*
12. Tiffanie M. Nickleberry*
15. Randy Lowery
16. Shihan Jerome L. Aluyen*
16. Shakeel A. Cooper*
16. Jocelyn & Tony Driskill*
16. DT Global, Inc. – Dean Tarrolly
20. Gerwyn A. Frias*
20. Hurd Of Us Partnership*
20. Sheng Long Yu*

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