The 25th Anniversary VIP WINNERS

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The 25th Anniversary VIP WINNERS

February 6, 2018 ACN News

Here are the VIP winners to ACN’s most historic event EVER! The VIP winners will enjoy VIP seating at the Charlotte event and complementary registration for the next event. AND ALL VIP winners will also attend a special lunch on Saturday with ACN’s Co-Founders and 2018 Circle of Champions!*

1. Cav. Franco Lofranco
2. Team Revolution Global, Inc – James Adlam
3. Dynasty Marketing Inc – Nekoda & Monica Bragg
4. Impact International LLC – Steven & Tiffany Payten
5. The X-Factor System, LLC – Megan & Ryan Williams
6. Mark Olshenitsky
7. Coalition Enterprises, Inc. – Chanelle Burt
8. Choices, Inc. – Debbie & Geoff Davis
9. Coalition System, Inc.- Cody & Marlo Mackie
10. Patrick Maser & Michael Maser

1. Danny Volonino
2. Demarco & Laketha Lucas
3. Corey & Tonya Anderson
4. Aubrey D. Wright
5. Caesar Tapia
6. Next World Development, Inc. – Byron Nelson
7. Envisionit, Inc. – Adam Roop
8. Jeremy Reid
9. DT Global, Inc. – Dean Tarrolly
10. Impact Dynasty, LLC – Antonio & Lorrel Churn

1. Darin Edward Thomas
2. Tyler D. Sanders
3. Advantage Global Partners, LLC – Esther Carter
4. Rhonda Auguste
5. Nataliya Dovgan
6. Tiffanie M. Nickleberry
7. Michael Dellamonica*
7. Michelle & Gary Walker*
9. Angelique Davis
10. Shaun McQuisition
11. Full Throttle Income – John Barringer & Gina Faraci*
11. Steve Hyun*
13. Floyd Foster*
13. Ahmed Masad*
15. Shakeel A. Cooper*
15. Lacey L. Ott*

Have you registered for the Charlotte event? Pre-registration has ended, but you can still secure your seat now! And once you do, don’t forget to book your hotel room. This is one event you cannot miss. The momentum gained in Charlotte will boost your business and help you become the best IBO you can be!

*The winning IBOs will receive an invitation to the VIP Lunch for themselves plus their spouse or business partner (must be listed on the position)

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