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Tue, Feb 13


ZOOM 377 687 371

IMPACT Health Product Training with James Adlam

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IMPACT Health Product Training  with James Adlam
IMPACT Health Product Training  with James Adlam

Time & Location

Feb 13, 2024, 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST

ZOOM 377 687 371

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8:30pm ET (7:30pmCT 6:30pmMT 5:30pmPT)

zoom 377 687 371

Your solution to the rising cost of health care.

Works Better, Feels Better. Impact Health Sharing

Finally, a way to take control of your healthcare expenses.  

Looking to save on your healthcare? What if you could save 50% or more on health care?

 Most members save about $500 monthly. Plans start as low as $73 for individuals and $378 for families. With over 500 unique price points, you can find an option to fit your budget.  


Families Are Saving Thousands Yearly, Quarterly - Monthly! 

"With five kids, we were paying $2,000 a month! We are now paying a little over $500 for our family! You NEED Impact!"


"I was paying $1,300 a month with a $10,000 annual deductible for just my wife and I. Now as Impact Health Sharing members, we are paying $466 a month with a PRA of only $5,000. That is $834 a month in savings!"


"My husband and I had an insurance policy that was increasing in 2020 to $4,031 per year. We joined Impact and our annual cost will be $2,280. Our savings will be $1,751. Thank you Impact."


"The monthly amount I pay of $252.00 is really unbelievable. When shopping for healthcare, no one could beat Impact Health Sharing. I will save $9,000.00 this year alone. Thankful for Impact Health Sharing."

 Saving Thousands on Healthcare: Marilyn's Journey with Impact Health Sharing 

Impact Health sat down with Marilyn, Impact member from Lee Summit, Missouri, and she shared with us all the things she loves about Impact and why she’s happy she made the switch.  "Ever since my retirement, my husband and I had been looking for a good supplement to Medicare, and I found plans that were expensive and had poor coverage. I got very frustrated and ended up just taking a plan that paid for everything. In the fall of 2019, I received a premium notice that my premium had gone up to $630 a month. That was about a 50% increase. People think Medicare is free, but it isn't free."  "It was going to cost us over $9,000 a year. And I don't know if people realize this, but inflation, when you are a retired person, is bad. It's very, very difficult because you truly are on a fixed income."  "I decided to take a look into Impact. I started doing my research and I found out that number one, I can drop from $630 a month cost to $230 a month. I'm pretty healthy, but my husband has congenital heart failure. And we go to the doctor quite often, and his medical bills are a lot."  "The great thing about our Medicare supplement and Medicare itself is that there are no pre-existing conditions. So that has worked out very, very well for us. We recently had a bill for my husband that was $140,000. We paid one hundred dollars. Not only do we hear from people who have shared our medical bills, but we also hear from people who we have shared their medical bills, which gives us the opportunity to pray for them. And it really gives you so much more of a personal feeling. In our world today there is so much that is not personal, and with Impact, it's personal. You feel like you're a part of a group and you know these people you're helping and they're helping you. It’s such a wonderful concept."  "Impact works the same with Medicare as any other Medicare supplement, Medicare is divided into three parts. We have part A, which is the best way to look at that is that's a hospital bill. Medicare covers 100% of whatever is on a hospital bill. Part B is everything else, your outpatient, it's your doctor at your oncologist. It's your x-rays. It’s anything that you do when you have something like x-rays at the hospital. The hospital charges a thousand dollars to Medicare. Then we'll approve a certain amount of that. And let's, for example, they approve $800 of that and Medicare will pay 80%. Or, in our example, it will pay $640, which leaves you with $160. Once you reach a thousand dollars of the 20%, what you are responsible for Impact is going to kick in, and they're going to pay a hundred percent. You'll have no more bills. And the great part of it is in the last two years with my husband, having the bills that he's had, we've not reached the thousand dollars. Last year, we paid in $567. In two years, we've saved $9,600."  "One concern I have been told is that some worry that their doctor or hospital may not be familiar with Impact Health Sharing. We've had no problems whatsoever. We gave them our Impact card and they took down our information and filed all of our claims for us, just like they do with Medicare and any other and any other coverage. And then whatever your share is you get a bill.

If I could give anyone advice, if you are over 65, definitely check out Impact Health Sharing."


We believe in providing a member-centric experience while delivering value and transparency in the sharing of medical expenses.

Impact Health Sharing was founded to put the power, the freedom, and the control in paying for healthcare back into your hands.

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