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SVP:COC Leanne Gabriel

 Between Leanne Gabriel’s schedule as a Discrimination Attorney and her husband Michael’s schedule as an international Consultant, the couple felt they had no life. Leanne was looking for an opportunity that would give her freedom she longed for.

After joining ACN Leanne’s success didn’t come easily. “I struggled immensely in my journey and had to go through a lot of personal growth. However, I felt such a connection to the Co-Founders and culture of ACN, that there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to become a leader for the company”

She stayed focus and attended every international Training Event, and the dedication paid off. “My passion is fulfilled through helping others build their ACN Business, and I love the fact that I can spend quality time with my husband and son whenever I choose. “Leanne’s learned that sometimes others may succeed more quickly, but if you persist your day will soon come. “You only fail if you quit.”

It has been 16 years since I started my journey with ACN, and while I have experienced many highs and lows nothing compares to this convention.

I knew this convention would be special because of the RD and TC promotions in my team, but also because it was my first convention as a member of the Circle of Champions after many years in the business. For so long, I looked at the COC members as the incredible superstars – all of them breaking records and having success so quickly.  That was just never me.  I have simply been a steady – eddie. But this weekend proved to mean so much more; it turned out to inspire me to be grateful and blessed to have had this long, steady journey.

On Friday afternoon of the event, I had the opportunity to share a testimonial from the stage, and I was so unsure of what to say that I simply shared my journey – the slow and steady one – and prayed for God to give me words and wisdom so that maybe I could help someone else in that arena.

When I got to the podium, I talked about my journey to reach this point. I shared the tough mental and emotional struggles I went through as I saw so many other people passing me to reach success rapidly.  I talked about the times I doubted myself, the times I questioned whether I would make it, and how I was just dragged down by dwelling on my slow results.

I shared my turning point – the choice to submerge myself in personal growth and prayer to stifle the bad self-talk and remind myself that God has a plan for me.  Slowly but surely, my team began to grow, succeed and gain momentum.  That ultimately led to me being invited to the 2012 Circle of Champions.

What happened next was truly amazing.  So many wonderful people came to me over the weekend, sharing that they too had felt the same way. They felt like their journey was slow and difficult. They struggled with comparing themselves to others. They questioned if they had what it takes to win.

At that point, it seemed as though my ACN journey had come full circle. Now it’s as if everything I’ve gone through was not a struggle but an inspiration to others that it is possible to win through persistence and perseverance. I was overwhelmed by their stories – your stories – and deeply humbled that I could encourage and help others. I am clear now that it was all part of God’s plan.

So as reflect on the event, I am so grateful for every stumble and fall that was part of my 16 year journey to get to the Circle of Champions. In each hurdle, there was an opportunity to learn and get better. With each challenge, there was a chance to overcome and then empower someone else.  Each step was clearly an important part of the path.

If there is anyone reading this that has experienced disappointment or frustration, please don’t fight the process, but instead use it to build your strength and determination. Goals and results are critical as you build your ACN business, but it’s the journey that writes your success story and builds you as a person and as a leader – and that story, for each person, is unique.

Embrace the journey!

Leanne Gabriel


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