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SVP:COC Debbie Davis

Prior to joining ACN, Debbie Davis was at home raising three children. With no college degree or experience, she never thought she would be successful in business. Geoff  was working his way up the corporate ladder, but discovered that no matter how successful he became, his time was simply not his own. Frustrated with this concept, Debbie found ACN.

Debbie discovered that she could be her own boss, she’d determine her schedule and she’d decide how much she was worth! As a result of Debbie’s determination and hard work, Geoff was able to walk away from a six-figure income and into their dream home. ACN gave Debbie and her children a full-time husband, business partner and dad.

“We are living our dreams and have the privilege of helping other people reach their goals and dreams too,” Debbie said. “ACN has completely changed our lives and given our family opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.”

For over 10 years , the Davises have sponsored eight children and their families in the countries of Ecuador, Guatemala, Columbia, Philippines and Dominican Republic. “We have been able to cover their daily expenses for food, clothing, schooling, housing medical and more. What seems relatively small to us is everything to them. Saying that, we feel grateful for the opportunity to give back.” Debbie says. “

Because of ACN, Debbie’s greatest success is found where her heart always resides – at home with her family.





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DIAL 712.775.7031

ACCESS CODE 547594962#


We, Team Revolution understand, that we are ALL moving towards a common dream …. a common future. FINANCIAL FREEDOM (having Wealth & Time together)

We are creating to have FREEDOM for ourselves AND for OUR children and our Grandchildren.

It is our different stories that has seared us into our winning team – we are more than just a sum up of many business partners, we are truly ONE TEAM.

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