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JAN 15th - The INVITE

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Hey _____________!!

I hope you’re having an AMAZING day!!

I’m reaching out for YOUR HELP.


I have a goal to provide MEALS for 75 CHILDREN before _______ (say a date)!

Will you help me by SPONSORING 1 MEAL at no cost to you?

Our company is partnered with an organization called Project Feeding Kids!

Every energy supply account that I acquire, provides a meal for a child in need! PRETTY AWESOME, RIGHT ?!

I’m asking you to become my customer and help me supply meals for children in time for March Maddness.

My GOAL is have this DONE BY (Say the date) in time for meal prep

Can I COUNT ON YOU to sponsor a meal?






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New ETL Promotions


Adam Miller

Ada Delvalle

Addison Pecht

Alexus Heads

Alexander Cooper

Alexander Cooper, ETL in < 30 days

Aliyah Witherspoon

Alphonse Seneque

Andre’ Delaney

Andrew Watson

A & M Business Services LLC

A & M Business Services LLC, ETL in < 30 Days

Arabia Witherspoon

Aziz Smith

Aziz Smith, ETL

Bailey Richardson

Bailey Richardson, ETL in < 30 Days

Bella Mitchell

Bettie King

Benjamin Wilson

Bernice Philson

Bernard Blackmon

Blaise Robenson

Blandine Perde

Brennan Fletcher

Brooklyn Long

Caleb Baker

Cheryl Weimer

Christine Tajanlangit

Christine Tajanlangit, ETL  in less than 30 Days

Clara White

Clara Whit, ETL  in less than30 Days

Charles Anumudu

Claudia Phillips

Connor Mitchell

Conor Mitchell, ETL in less than 30 days

Darryle Bass Jr

Darren Whitest

Daniel Kelly

David Price

Earl Nelson

Elizabeth Rene

Emma Wilson

Elena Butler

Emeline Judith Moosso Thy

Enora Moss

Eric Carpenter

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Evelyn Cepeda

Francine Wright

Franciso De Leon

Fiona Prass

Gabriela Auguste

Gabriel Reed

Gail Baker

Gail Baker, ETL in less than 30 Days

Gerald Castellow

Gelene Badeau

Gloria Garcia

Grace Coleman

Grace Odibo

Guy Baker

Hercules Santos

Hunter Taylor

Lliana Amsterdam

Lorraine Thorp

Lolita Lizardo

Iris Gonzalez

Isabella Parker

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Michael Amacker

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Octavia Kellam

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Tony Reed

Pamela Clark

Paul Kellner

Philandthea Smith

Yvens Pierre

“I Rather Go Hungry In The Wild

Than To Be Fed In A Cage.”

James Adlam

New 100+ CustomerPt Champions

Alison Edwards-Best, 100+ CustomerChampion

Andrian Hernandez 125+ Customer Champion

Andrew Bartynski, 460+ Customer Champion

Brandi Keaton, 100 Customer Champion

Carla Shefton, 100 Customer Champion

CeCe Kane, 100 Customer Champion

Chris Banzali, 100+ CustomerChampion

Craig Cook, 100 Customer Champion

Dawnette Laney, 100 Customer Champion

Debra Barnes, 100 Customer Champion

Jamaine & Natalie Akins, 150+ Customer Champion

Natalie & Jamaine Akins, 100pt Champions

Janet & Kasey Cano, 100 Customer Champion

Jocelyn Calles, 100+ Customer Champion 

Jovel Golingan, 100+ CustomerChampion

Junemarcia Dizon Haris, 150+ Customer Champion

Kennth Ford, 100 Customer Champion

Kristin Carter, 100 Customer Champion

Keri Tartaglia, 100 Customer Champion

LeaAda Marshall, 100 Customer Champion

Lizette Rovira, 100 Customer Champion

Maimessha Clapp, 100 Customer Champion

Maurio Perry, 150pt Customer Champion

Marie Seneque, 100pt Champion

Mark Matthews, 100pt Customer Champion

Melinda Ham-Robertson, 140+ Customer Champion

Missy Connolly, 230+ Customer Champion

Neffertiti Little, 220+ Customer Champion

Nora Galleros, 100+ CustomerChampion

Reemell Hercules, 100 Customer Champion

Renee Baylor, 120+ CustomerChampion

Roger Esmer, 250+ Customer Champion

Rommel Kho, 100pt Champion

Seng Voong, 130+ CustomerChampion

Tatiana Poulard, 100pt Champion

Vanessa Lowery-Brown, 100+ Customer Champion

Waldy Santos, 100+ CustomerChampion

Wences Benitez, 100+ CustomerChampion

Freedom is Earned

It takes a pride of lions hunting together to take down a prey larger than themselves. YOUR DREAMS may seem bigger than you, BUT your days of hunting alone are over.

To YOUR Freedom.


Team Revolution Residual Freedom Cup - Hall of Famers

Abdirahman Said

Alisa Owens

Alison Edwards-Best

Andrea Brown Clarke & Dexter Clarke

Andrew Bartynski, 650+ pts

Andrian Hernandez

Angelique Davis, 150+pts

Ardane Britt

Art & Mahelle Tajanlangit

Arthur Carr

Bernardina Plumey

Brandi Keaton

Butch Calonia

Candice & Dexter Dometiza

Casey & Tessa Snyder

CeCe Kane

Christian De Ocampo

Christin & Linda Marshall

Chris Banzali

Chris Reedman

Christopher Eddy

Conchito & Rosemer Talaboc

Chiri & Kizhaya Roberts

Chris Banzali

Daniel Matthew

Dave & Alysa Stoffrgen

Davon Telp

David Yi

Dawnette Laney

Deborah Johnson

Debra Barnes

Donovan & Donna Murphy

Edgar Torres

Elissa Miller

Fleming Family

Federica Spada

Garvey Ince

Hyun Yi

James & Danielle Adlam

Jacqueline Flinker

Janet & Kasey Cano

Jennifer Downey

Jerick & Sarah De Los Cientos

Jerome Amanquiton

Jesus Najera

Jewel Ascalon

Jocelyn Calles

Jovel Golingan

Joy Corrales

Juan Lezman

Juan Zavala

Junemarcia Harris

Kathryn Puyzcki

Ken Cavanaugh

Kescha Vaughn

Lawrence & Nadine Wilkins

Laura Grande

Linda Delanzo

Linda Topi

Lizette Rovira

Lynne Kelleher

Margarita Gomez

Marie Seneque

Melinda Ham-Robertson

Mike Jones

Miguel & Virgie Gonzalez

Missy Connolly, 180+ pts

Mohammed Yusuf

Muse Family Trust Fund

Narr Family

Neffertiti Little 220+ pts

Nora Galleros

Paul & Felicia Marinescu

Raquel Olmo

Ramon Estores

Raquel Olmo

Ray Favata

Raymond Sheehan

Renee Baylor

Reynold Small

Robertha Alleyne-Semple

Rhonda Auguste

Roger Esmer 200+pts

Ron Holmes

Rommel Kho

Sam Maha

Sang Yi

Seng Voong

Shalyn Martin

Shihan Aluyen

Sue & Christina Becker

Tatiana Auguste

Trish Talaboc

Vergel Fernandez

Victoria Parroco

Vollrath Family

Waldy Santos

Wences Benitez

Yaser Elhilo

Yesenia Sanchez

Congratulations - Residual Freedom Hall Of Famers

Inscribed on the Freedom Cup are the names of the individuals that have personally acquired 100+ Personal Customer Points.

We, thank you for going from GOOD to GREAT.

You are not only pursuing residual income, you are setting the standard and taking a stand for you & your family … YOU DESERVE IT.

Customer Champions Pin


508 Group – Strive For 5 images-3STONE

Aaron Moore –  PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Abdirahman Said – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Adam Wilson –  StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Adam Minggia II  – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Alan Neilson – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Al & Cynthia Irby – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Alfredo Malamana – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Al Richards –  StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Alan Shuman – PowerYourHome=images-3STONE 

Amanda White – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Andre Ellis – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Andrea Brown & Dexter Clarke – StriveFor5 & 100pts = Unknown-4STONES

Andrew Takats – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Anna & Wenceslao Benitez –StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Angel Leonardo – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Angela Coleman –  StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Angelique Davis – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Angel Perez  – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Angel Valentin – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Ann Carr – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Amy Jenca –PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Arthur Carr – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Bernard Lyons – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Brian Roman – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Candice Dometiza – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Carolyn Sanders – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Cheryl Conklin – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5= Unknown-4STONES

Cheryl Frank – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Cheryl Moreno – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Cristina De OCampo – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Christine Gealon – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Christine Abrigo – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Christian Martinez – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Christine McCarl – – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Chris Reedman – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Christin & Linda Marshall – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Christopher Eddy- 100 Pts =images-3STONE

Clarence Ilanan – StriveFor5 = images-3STONE

Dalila Sandoval – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Dave & Alysa Stoffregen – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5 & 100pts =       images-2STONES

Dawn Abney – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Dawn Carr – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Dawnette Laney – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Deborah Barnes – PowerYourHome = images-3STONE

Denise Frehr – PowerYourHome=images-3STONE

Dorothy Soller – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Ed Cartlidge – PowerYourHome images-3STONE

Edgar Torres – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Edna Waltrip – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Eliseo Sandoval – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Estrellita Allen – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Febe Boukhadcha – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Federica Spada – 100 pts = images-3STONE

Fidel Hawker – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Freedom Quest Foundation – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Frederick Larga – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

George Hudson – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

George Robles – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Gitu Kapur – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Giuseppe Spada – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Global Freedom Foundation – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Grethel Reyes – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Harold Neil – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Heribert Marizy – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Heather Narr – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Henry Velazquez – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Ivette Morales –PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Jacqueline Flinker – Strivefor5 =images-3STONE

Janet Lenius –  Strivefor5 =images-3STONE

Jason Jones – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Jerick De Los Cientos – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Jerome Amanquiton – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Jewel Ascalon – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Joe Spada – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Joey Panganiban – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Jonathan Curtis – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Jonnie Bankert & Peter Bonderanko – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE 

Joseph Povlosky – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Josh Santos – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Joy Corrales –PowerYourHome, StriveFor5 & 100 Personal Customer Pts =images-2STONES

Juan Shahid – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Juan Zavala Sr – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Juan Zavala Jr. – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Kathryn Puzycki – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Keith Forrest – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Kelly Geiges – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Kelly Wilson – – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Kescha Vaughn – PowerYourHome & 100pts =Unknown-4STONES

Kevin Fischer – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Lashanda Duque – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Laura Grande – 100pts =images-3STONE

Linda Delanzo –PowerYourHome & StriveFor5 & 100pts =images-2STONES

Lincoln Marunde – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Lizette Rovira – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Lorraine Brown – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Lou Ciocchi – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Magdalena Manuel – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Manar Chai – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Mara Estores – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Marilou Anobas – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Margarita Gomez – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Maritas Rodriguez – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Mark Matthews – StriveFor5  =images-3STONE

Martha Jonkhans – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Mark & Louise Matthews –PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Mary Jaramillo – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Melissa Hamilton –PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Micah Wright – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Missy Connolly – PowerYourHome & 100 puts =Unknown-4STONES

Mohamed Yusuf – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Murad Brooks – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Muse Family Trust Fund – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Nadine Wilkins – StriveFor5 & PowerYourHome & 100pts= images-2STONES

Nadiyah Lewis – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Natalia Zieba – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Necole Williams – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Neffertiti Little – 100 PersonalCustomer ptsimages-3STONE

Neshaa Swain- StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Nestor Nardo – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Peter Goergen –  StriveFor5= images-3STONE 

Raheem & Dana Stevenson – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Ramon Estores – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Ramona Thrower – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Raymond Sheehan – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Richard Loo – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Rhonda Auguste – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Robert Agcaoili – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Robert Clark – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Robertha Alleyne-Semple – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Roger Esmer – PowerYourHome & 100pts =Unknown-4STONES

Rosemer & Conchito Talaboc – PowerYourHome &100pts =Unknown-4STONES

Ronnie DeVera – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Ron Holmes – PowerYourHome & 100 pts=Unknown-4STONES

Sam Maha – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Sandy Nuguid – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Sandy Sykora – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Shalyn Martin – PowerYourHome= images-3STONE

Sircle of Success LLC – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Shaun Carr – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Shihan Aluyen – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Spencer Sheffield – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Sue & Christina Becker – 100 pts = images-3STONE

Susan Barry – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Synergy Essential Services LLC – PowerYourHome=images-3STONE

Tania Salas – PowerYourHome=images-3STONE

Tim Narr – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

 Tommy Ricks – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE

Tish Talaboc – 100 ptsimages-3STONE

 Victoria Parroco – PowerYourHome & StriveFor5=Unknown-4STONES

Yesenia Sanchez – PowerYourHome =images-3STONE

Zeberah Thompson – StriveFor5 =images-3STONE


Customer Champions Milestones

*Strive For 5

*Power Your Home/Wallet

*100 Personal Customer pts

*Help 5 People get 100 Personal Customer points


Achieve 1 out of 4 = 1Stone

Achieve 2 out of 4 = 2Stones

Achieve 3 out of 4 = 3Stones

Achieve 4 out of 4 = 4Stones

How To PowerYourHome/Wallet & StriveFor5?


  • electricity
  • gas
  • cell phone and/or
  • house phone
  • bills FREE (or up to Free)


  • Simply,
  • acquire 10 Xoom Energy customers of the same qualifying service,
  • in addition to yourself for the service and
  • your residential Xoom Energy (electric &/or gas) can be free.


  • Simply,
  • acquire 12 Xoom Energy customers,
  • and receive a BONUS equal to the average
  • of your customers Energy (electric &/or gas) bills.


  1. Simply,
  2. acquire 5 customers of the same qualifying service (flash wireless/cell phone, digital, or local &  long distance)
  3. in addition to yourself for the service.
  4. It doesn’t get any simpler or more powerful way to save and help feed a child.

How to Build A Successful Business?


Don’t allow TOXIC people to steal YOUR dreams.


Toxic people are totally non supportive

They question why you are doing something great

They planet seeds of doubt in your mind

They try to fill your head with their limiting beliefs and Steal YOUR DREAMS

You approach them about the ACN Opportunity and they respond this way. “Oh, Let me see how you do”


Then when you start to do well.,  They have another excuse, “Oh you just got lucky and got in at the right time.”Those people are all around.


That when you are moving towards greatness, toxic people will show up. However, when you keep pursuing greatness with passion, toxic people fade away.


Tune out toxic people at all cause. Quiet the negative voices around you by taking actions towards your ACN goals & dreams.

When you listen to the wrong voice, you will always make the wrong choice.

Keep pushing forward in accomplishing your dreams and YOU will have an extraordinary life.




Team Revolution #EverybodyWins! Trifecta

Major Leagues – YOUR Team Revolution Success Plan

  • 1st Base = QTT in 24 Hours of opening Your Business
  • 2nd Base = ETL promotion – in 3/7 Days
  • 3rd Base = Power Your Home/Strive for 5/100pts  = in 30days
  • Home Plate = You Pre-Reg for Nationals and Help 20+ People Pre-Reg on your team for Nationals

JOIN Our Special TEAM REVOLUTION’S Texting System STEP 1: Create a test message

  • Text the words: follow    TeamRevInc
  • Remember ADD a space between the words; follow & teamrevinc

STEP 2: Send Text

  • Send the text to the number: 40404

You DO NOT have to create a Twitter Account. If you can currently receive text messages, it falls under your current data plan.

Team Revolution Inc.

“World Class Team  – based on trust , integrity, training, support and helping team members WIN”


“In order to see what I see … it requires you to fly high – it requires you to think bigger – it requires you to know YOU are worth it. Pigeon and Eagles do not hang out together.” 

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Make A Change In Your Life Today!