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February 13, 2018 James Adlam, Knowledge

With 2 day until ACN’s International Event in Charlotte, I want you to be READY.

First Time in Charlotte? (Read this…)

Is coming to the 25th Anniversary International Event going to be your first time in Charlotte and ACN training event?

Charlotte is an amazing town! Great food, people and the home of ACN!

ACN’s Nationals are exciting and full of great tools to help you build your business. Be prepared to be blown away!

Here are a couple of tips.

Don’t Take the Cabs

Try to avoid the cabs if you can. Use Uber pool or the train that stops right beside the arena. You’re more likely to get around faster.

Don’t Forget Why You’re Here

There’s nothing wrong with a little fun. Just don’t forget why you came to the 25th International Training Event in the first place. ACN put a lot into this event. Our Team put a lot into this event. You invested to be here. This isn’t a leisure trip… it’s the converging of power.

True Leaders will be creating results, scheduling meetings and networking —every moment. You should be doing the same thing. Not just hanging out and showing up late to the event the next morning.

I guarantee this will be the greatest conference that you’ve ever attended. Make sure you bring your A game and be ready to move your business forward. Get ready to take your business to the next level. See you in Charlotte.

Take Notes or Record 

Bring your recording devices, pens and paper. Taking notes (or recording) is an important part of learning. It allows you to implant the material in your mind.

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P.S. Safe Travels. Wait Until You See this in Charlotte. 


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