Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2018 James Adlam

Happy Mother’s Day

Here are a few principles my mother shared with my sister in-law that I like to  pass on to to ALL WOMEN on this Mother’s Day

1. Girls and Queens…

Do the people in your life know your big dreams? If not, you are being a little girl scared to share her truth. If so, you are being a Queen unfazed by peasant like behavior. NEVER throw down your crown.

2. Give Yourself Permission.

Mother’s are known to willing sacrifice personally for their children.  It is also ok to give yourself permission to sacrifice for yourself.  If you tell your children, “be all you can” then the best way is to show them is by example.  Let them see your struggle, your fight and your victory of making it.

3. Best Laid Plans…

If you were given a book on riding a bike, I promise you the last chapter would say, ‘now go ride.’ I’m all for a good plan.  There are sometimes where you can plan yourself into no action. Lay out a plan then execute. Simple over analysis is the precursor to fear.
 4. Life…
Remember you were given life. You have given life. Now put in the work to have an extraordinary life. Success is a duty for those who seek to protect the ones they love.

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