6pm EST LIVE Co-founder Greg Provenzano

Team Revolution - Possibility to Reality

6pm EST LIVE Co-founder Greg Provenzano

March 8, 2018 Team Revolution

Cofounder & President Greg Provenzano and 5 COCs will speak LIVE

For the FIRST time, Mr Provenzano GO LIVE on Zoom with a very BIG Announcement! (this message is going out to everyone. Which means limited spots, so make sure you’re on at 5:50pm EST … earlier)
We’ve been toying around with this for a few weeks now, and We’re about to drop some news…
Its all going down at 5:50pm EST

WEBINAR LIVE Special Announcement

TODAY, March 8th – @ 5:50 pm EST!  
There’s monumental events that will be happening on March 13th, March 14th and March 15th …(just 6 days from now…)
Does it affect YOU? Yes.
Is it a mind blowing events? Absolutely…(if you play your cards right, that is…)
Exciting stuff is on the horizon…(which is why we can’t wait to tell you more on today’s broadcast!)
We’ll reveal everything LIVE today, so make sure you’re on and EVERY team mate you know!
P.S. – Don’t forget, you’re just one event away …

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