CHARLOTTE Team Itinerary

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CHARLOTTE Team Itinerary

February 13, 2020 ACN International Training Event, Team Revolution


  • ACN International training event is an epic event!



  • Date: May 7th 
  • TIME 12pm – 6pm  
  • Trainers: TBA



  • DATE: Saturday, May 9th
  • TIME: 6pm Right after training in the main event 
  • Register To Attend



Team Revolution’s mission to create an environment for people to achieve personal Freedom has never been more FOCUSED.

THURSDAY, Team Exclusive Leadership Event

  • Attire: Casual with team custom t-shirts
  • Location: TBA
  • 12pm-1pm RDs, RVPs, & SVPs
  • 11:30am Registration
  • 1pm – 6pm Everyone (TTs,QTTs,ETTs,TCs,RDs,RVPs,SVPs) ONLY
  • Purchase t-shirts 
  • Bring snacks (fruit, water, energy bars, dry fruit, etc.).
    • Pick-up your pre-purchased Team Revolution, Inc. attire, (t-shirts, ties & scarfs)
    • Pick up Saturday VIP Team event Pre-Registration bands
    • Team T-shirts Required to enter event

FRIDAY, ACN Training  

  • Attire: Business – all black with Team Revolution custom silk scarf or tie.
  • 9am – RDs/RVPs/SVPs & 100 Customer Champions-Cofounder Exclusive Event
  • 2pm – TTs-ETL & Guests. Bring ACN registration printed badge, to enter arena
    1. Arrive early so our team can sit together.  Seating section will be sent to you via Team text.
    2. Eat a big breakfast. Bring light snacks (nuts, dry fruit, energy bars, chocolate, etc.).
    3. Lunch will be available for purchase inside the arena.​
  • The entire team meet outside arena for quick comments
  • RDs and their Group Power hour    

SATURDAY,  ACN Training Event & Team Event

  • Attire: Business – all black with Blue Shirt with Team Revolution custom scarf/tie
  • Gather at the Arena, time and street address will be texted to you Friday night.
  • We sit together as a team. The team’s seating section will be sent to YOU via text.
  • Pre-plan your lunch options. Training usually breaks for lunch between 12:30 and 1:30pm.
  • IMMEDIATELY  following the ACN training, Team Revolution wide come to our team event. 
  • Cost: TBA
  • Team Meet & Greet, Recognition, Promotions, Awards and Special Announcements.
  • Pick-up your pre-purchased Team Revolution, Inc. Apparel (t-shirts)     

SUNDAY, ACN Training Event 

  • Attire: Business/casual – team custom t-shirts and light up stick
  • 7am Non-denominational Worship (optional – great time to secure seats)
  • 7:30am Enter venue
  • 1pm OR immediately after Mr. Provenzano, final remarks the team gathers together for quick success plans and goodbyes. Location sent via text. Wait until you hear founders Closing Remarks!


1. RD Milestone – Achieve by  TBA


  • Receive a RD lapel pin from Cofounders sent to you via mail
  • Receive a personalized team logo trophy in Detroit
  • ACN calls your name in front of 20,000 people
  • You walk across the international stage and shake the hands of Cofounders & VP’s
  • You are carried to the stage at Team Revolution’s Friday team event
  • Shake the hands of team’s SVPs, RVPPs, RDs and TCs as the team cheers you on
  • Receive a personalized team logo trophy

2. ETL Milestone  – Achieve by TBA


  • Receive a custom Just Promoted certificate from Team Revolution
  • Walk across the international stage and shake hands with the Cofounders & VP’s
  • Walk across stage at Team Revolution’s Friday night team event and shake hands with our team’s SVPs & RVPPs
  • Team cheers you on
  • You are able to attend team’s exclusive Thursday’s Leadership

3. 100, 150, 200, 250, 300+ Personal Customer Points  – Achieve by TBA


  • Receive Invite to Friday morning Exclusive Cofounder Leadership
  • Walk across the international stage and shake the hands of Cofounders & VP’s
  • Walk across stage at Team event and shake hands of our SVPs & RVPPs & RDs
  • Your name is inscribed on our Team Revolution Freedom Cup

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