Championship Belts

Team Revolution - Possibility to Reality

Championship Belts

August 26, 2019 Team Revolution

Heavy Weight & Middleweight Championship Belts

The #1 RD & ETL Will Win

Top Regional Directors 

(as of 8/25)

#1 Danielle & James Adlam

#2 Art & Mahelle Tajanlangit

#3 Shihan & Theresa Aluyen

#4 Tessa & Casey Snyder

#5 Jamelle Chrisian

#6 Casey & Tessa Snyder

#7 Chiri & Kizhaya Roberts

#8 Junemarcia Harris

#9 Derrick & Sheila Campbell

#10  Jamaine & Natalie Akins

TOP Executive Team Leaders

(as of 8/25)

#1 Mahelle & Art Tajanlangit

#2 Brice Carter

#3 Kizhaya & Chiri Roberts

#4 Octavia Kellman

#5 Kayla Greene

#6 Renee Stevenson

#7 Delphine Tar

#8 Will Hardy

#9 Megan Williams

#10 Jason & Aime Droddy


In team building (Team Trainer) production from July 1st – August 31st earned FIRST Place championship belt. 


The winner and their team will receive the championship belt and melts.


  1. Share the ACN Business Opportunity with everyone they knew.
  2. After you share the opportunity, people either join your team and mission OR they became your customer. Either way your business move forward and you provided meals for  children. Win. Win.
  3. Every person that joins your team between July 1st – August 31st moves your closer to winning.

You can’t put a price tag on the experience you and your team will receive at the Detroit International event, and who knows? Maybe next international event you will be a RVPP!

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