from Impossible to Possible CoFounder Dinner Contest

Team Revolution - Possibility to Reality

from Impossible to Possible CoFounder Dinner Contest

May 24, 2018 Team Revolution

From Impossible to Possible MAY VIP CoFounder Dinner WINNERS

TOP 5 Executive Team Leaders (ETLs)

#1 Shihan & Theresa Aluyen, CA (ETL Open)

#2 Chiri & Kizhaya Roberts, NY (ETL Open)

#3 Sandra Chase, PA

#3 Karl Joseph, NJ

#3 Garvey Ince, NJ

#4 Jacob Munoz, PA

#4 Janet Cano, CA

#5 De Vera Inc, CA

#5 George Hudson, PA

#5 Keri Tartaglia, MD

#5 Wanda Davis, NJ


TOP 5 Team Coordinators (TCs) 

#1 Shihan & Theresa Aluyen, CA

#2 Chiri & Kizhaya Roberts, NY

#2 Marie Seneque, NY

#4 James & Danielle Adlam, MD

#5 Angelique Davis, PA

#5 Rhonda Auguste, NJ 



CONTEST ENDED Sunday, May 20th 

TOP 5  ETLs, & TCs in team building (Team Trainer) production from May 1st – May 20th earned an exclusive VIP DINNER with Cofounder Mr Tony Cupisz

BONUS #1: The TOP 3 ETLs and TOP 3 TCs are allowed to bring a business partner with them to the dinner. 

BONUS #2: The #1 ETL and #1 TC get to have their seats right next to Mr. Cupisz 





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