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Top 10 Reasons WHY TO START YOUR ACN Business



A Solid Foundation for Your Success

Founded in 1993, ACN was the vision of four entrepreneurs – Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz and Mike Cupisz. These Co-Founders had countless years of direct sales experience between them, but were dissatisfied with other companies and job opportunities they had encountered. They realized that the only way to find a company they wanted to be a part of was to create that company.

So with a yellow legal pad in front of them, they formulated a business plan. On one side of the page they wrote down everything that they knew worked well, and on the other side everything that didn’t. They ripped the page in half and only kept the side that contained what would become the governing principles behind ACN – integrity, solid business practices, and a commitment to always putting the needs of the masses above the needs of themselves.

From that initial paper, a business idea was born that would focus on offering services people need and use every day… services that wouldn’t require anyone to change their buying habits or purchase products they didn’t need or couldn’t afford.

ACN began as a reseller of long distance services in the U.S., but over time has grown to offer all the essential services customers in 25 countries use on a daily basis. ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business, but more importantly, they’ve provided a vehicle for countless individuals to change their lives. ACN is passionate about giving back to the community as well, and in 2011 the nonprofit organization ACN Global Reach Charities was founded to expand and enhance their charitable efforts.

With that single column on a legal pad, the ACN Co-Founders drew a proverbial line that would set the bar for what ACN would become – and remain long into the future. And those are the same principles that drive the company today, over two decades late



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Project Feeding Kids

By Choosing ACN, You’re Making A Choice To End Childhood Hunger.

With ACN Project Feeding Kids, when you sign up for an ACN service, a child gets fed.

ACN and Feeding America began their partnership in 2015 with the establishment of Project Feeding Kids, which helps provide meals for the nearly 13 million children in need across the country. Every time someone signs up for an ACN service, one meal will be provided. Every time a customer pays their ACN bill for those services, another meal will be provided.

James Adlam STORY



I was introduced to the ACN opportunity by a college friend. I was working as a pharmaceutical sales representative when I started my ACN Business.

It wasn’t hard to see the possibilities that ACN could bring. It was simple, business ownership with a low cost to get started and residual income. I was blown away. I acquire customers and teach others to acquire customers – a big no brainer.

“I promised my mother as she was passing away, I would DO SOMETHING GREAT with MY LIFE and make a difference in the world. Fulfilling my promise to my mother & teaching others to fulfill on their dreams with the ACN opportunity has been all worth it. I am forever grateful for the ACN business opportunity.” – James Adlam


“I found myself going through life living paycheck to paycheck while approaching retirement age with no light a the end of the tunnel. ACN turned on the light as I realized I had to do something different to change MY results.  My direction is clear and my new legacy is under construction.

In short, I got started to make a better life for my twin grandsons. I’m excited about the time will enjoy together.” – Martin

Casey Snyder STORY



I was a college student with 3 jobs,  struggling to pay for school and bills. I saw the ACN business opportunity from a college dorm. I could no longer keep praying for an opportunity – AND judge the package the opportunity came in.

I started my ACN business because I was excited about the concept of ACN. How can you not get excited about creating a lifestyle from services… essentially bills you AND I pay everyday?

With the support and training in place, I have been able to achieve significant milestones in the business. I am so thankful I got started BECAUSE my life has changed tremendously.

#CaseySnyder #CollegeStudent

I was constantly traveling for my traditional business while my wife was working full time which means we had little time together as a family.

We started our ACN business to create the life style that allows us to be in charge of our OWN time.

The freedom to spend time with our kids and provide our kids the stability of hands-on parenting – Mike C.

Art & Mahelle Tajanlangit Story


“As a father and husband, I realized when I was faced with a life threatening health incident, I needed to create an additional income stream for my family. With a background in the health care industry, I did not know much about the wireless industry or energy industry.  BUT here is what I knew, ACN had support in place and a proven success system. Thats all I need.

Thats why we STARTED our business. Today, we have achieved major milestones and has help others do the same.

God forbid if anything was to happen to me, I know I set my family up to win.”


“I was not looking for another opportunity, but I knew my life was missing the key element – TIME with MY FAMILY. I did not want to put in 80 hours of work a week to attain a certain lifestyle only to see that life slip by because of no time to spend with family.

I Got Started to create a lifestyle for my children that is filled with I CAN do anything. I am thankful for ACN and the platform they have provided us to follow the system by acquiring customers.” -Monica

Jamelle Christian Story


When I realized I could help average people just like myself earn residual income … I immediately got Started.”

The Best part about ACN … is that we are having fun… while creating generational wealth. The system is simple and the people are incredible.

“Helping to feed children, by acquiring customers is a simple but powerful way I can help give back… I got started.” – DA

Rhonda Auguste


“We get to design our own schedule and lifestyle,” Jeff says. “That is one of the biggest motivating factors of why we continue to build our ACN business. Freedom.”

Jamaine & Natalie Akins

With a servant’s mindset, the Boris couple turned to ACN – their first network marketing company – to help alleviate some of the financial stress and found what they needed through ACN.

Shihan & Theresa Story

“We NOW have a diversified income portfolio …. thanks to the ACN opportunity. We sleep well at night, knowing our KIDs future is covered. So glad we started our ACN business  and partnered with Team Revolution – our Family is Worth It.”


“There was no way … I was going to look back on my life 5 years from now and regret the fact I did not take full advantage of the ACN opportunity.

I got started and acquired customers immediately. If not me … then someone else would. WHY ME, why MY FAMILY? Because We Are WORTH IT” – Linda B.


“The heavy chains of worry are forged by idle hands.” So I took action and got started.

As a college student, my thought was WHY NOT?

As I walked around campus,  every where I turned I either; saw a person using a cell phone, surfing the internet or using power outlets to charge their devices. Made sense to me. Thats Why I got Started”– Elisa

Chris Story


“As a single parent, I yearn for the lifestyle that allowed me to spend more time with my baby girl. My mentor told me, kids spell love,  T  I  M  E.

I got started for my daughter… she is worth it.”

Chris was presented the ACN Opportunity from a childhood best-friend. He saw the opportunity as a vehicle to replace his full time income from and provide a better quality of life for his daughter.

The most rewarding part for Chris is helping people change their lives. Not only financially but personally…. “seeing people have hope and dream again is priceless.”

As a successful business owner, I look for TWO things when expanding my portfolio. #1 the product and #2 the process. ACN not only met both, they added a third factor – great people.

The co-founders are forward thinking people who have ACN, team members & independent business owners best interested in mind when making decision to move the company forward. Thats Why I Got Started.” –  Jason

Dexter & Candice


Candice – Human Resources and Staffing Industry

Dexter – 18years in the New York Police Department


Mathieu didn’t have an easy childhood. After his mother got sick, he was forced to go into foster care. Yet through it all, Mathieu learned the power of hard work. He put that to good use to get into college, where he had dreams of being a professional basketball player. But he learned another hard lesson – his talent may not be great enough to take him where he wanted to go in basketball. He went in search of a plan B, which came in the form of direct selling. Mathieu had big dreams but the company closed its doors, shattering those dreams, but it wasn’t in vain, proving anything was possible if he persevered.

After discovering ACN, he knew he’d found the right company but wasn’t seeing results in his bank account. Mathieu thought success in ACN came down to talent. After all, that’s what determined his basketball career. “But in ACN, The result is in the discipline, not the talent, and that’s a skill anyone can learn.”

It wasn’t until ACN that Mathieu was finally able to put the years of foster care behind him and start believing he deserved more. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what has happened in your life. You can still accomplish great things.”

Angelique Story

It was simple. I wanted more. I knew that where I  was in my life, was a sum o every decision I’d made. I started my ACN business to break the shackles and get FREE. I deserve to live. My son deserves to live. My son deserves a mother that is fully present in his world.




Trish Story

It is such as blessing to have my parents as not only my business partners in ACN but also as leaders that lead by example to our entire team. It doesn’t happen quite often in our industry but I am blessed enough to have them ALL IN in our business.

Our ACN journey began when my cousin and now personal mentor introduced my mother to the business five years ago. My mother had started building her business, but life got in the way when my father got sick and she had to dedicate her entire time to him. Fast forward one year and a half ago, ACN found me and I got started right away.

The reason why I got started in ACN is to retire both of my parents because life is short and life taught us that when my father got ill with cancer.

Now, our WHY is to live our lives to the fullest by achieving and enjoying time and money freedom TOGETHER. ACN has taught my entire family that it is unequivocally possible to achieve that and to live a truly extraordinary life. Now, it is our responsibility to help others achieve that freedom too.

Adam Story


“What I love most about the ACN opportunity, it allows me to empower and help countless people achieve a life of freedom to pursue their purpose, passion and greatness.” –

Adam’s background is in banking, he had no experience with network marketing prior to starting his ACN business. So when his friend, Jamie invited him to learn more about the opportunity, he declined. ” Finally after Jamie requested multiple times I take a look at the ACN Opportunity, I agreed to sit down simply because Jamie was persistent until I said yes  … and WOW this opportunity was not only a complete no brainer, it was my big break I needed. I started my ACN business. 

Will & Amanda Story

Amanda Wilson loves helping and teaching others. She saw working from home as a way to empower many people, starting with herself and in turn having that run over to the women in her family that has shaped who she is. One of those women is her grandmother, who is a breast cancer survivor. Due to her disability she lives off of a very small disability income and there are times when she can hardly afford the needs, let alone the  wants in life, Her home based business will be there vehicle to support her.

Will Wilson is unbelievably humble and extremely involved in his community. Having studied Business Administration at Wilkes University before, he now has created a very successful youth flag football league. He has always been an Entrepreneur and saw working from home as an opportunity to utilize that skill while having the ability to provide and extra income for his family, In a short period of time, this opportunity has allowed him to pursue his true passion which is youth development. He will achieve his goal of building a home for at risk youth in the impoverished city of Reading and beyond that to other needy urban communities .

Who are Amanda and Will together? Will and Amanda are proud parents to a son and daughter. What they love most is continued efforts to give back to the local communities such as feeding hungry children in need through “Project Feeding Kids” and also the incredible donations to the “Ronald McDonald Houses.” What drives them both. “is to be able to pass along the message for people to know that they can take a stand for themselves and get their time and money at the same time.”

-Will & Amanda Wilson

Sue Story

There was denying that the ACN business opportunity not only made sense, but I could sleep with peace knowing it was lead by incredible individuals

My Background System Analyst Computer Programmer

  • Real estate investor for over 40 years
  • Professional dog trainer/handler for 20 years
  • Owner of Jersey Ink Custom Apparel and Promotional Products for 12 years
  • Owned Daycare of over 100 children for 8 years
  • Owned Children’s clothing boutique for 6 years

Franco remembers the day it all made sense. “I had a rough start in ACN at first,” Franco says. “But I kept learning, stayed coachable, kept working and followed the system by acquiring customers”.

Being a leader now in ACN, Franco’s journey is about helping countless others achieve success through the ACN System by acquiring customers. “Life is no longer about me,” Franco says. “Now a greater purpose is calling me to help other people achieve the same thing. It’s my mission to empower people to own their life.”

Kathryn Story


“I am very appreciative of the opportunity, and humble to be apart of the Team Revolution family. I am having fun while earning residual income.”

Ms. Puzycki was blessed by a college acquaintance to aid in the expansion of the Bucks County, PA marketplace, through the ACN Opportunity. Ms. Puzycki residing in Richboro, Pa, shares her charisma to win coming from the Pharmaceutical industry, and has helped a lot of other individuals do the same.

“With a previous background in Fashion Design, I was a stay at home mom for over 15 years and blessed to be able to do so. Working part time from home I completely loved the Network Marketing business model. Having no success in 6 previous MLM companies (crazy!) I swore never to join another.

In 2009, my Window Covering business was crumbling and ACN was introduced to me by my dearest friend Denise. I didn’t sleep for days and I knew this was the company and business that would work.”
I Started My ACN Business and found the greatest gifts have been the finest mentoring and leadership I could have ever imagined – which has helped me create rich and meaningful relationships while helping others discover their greatness, financial freedom and a life beyond my wildest dreams! A.



“I’m excited. This is our I look at it, we have an opportunity to participate in the biggest industries: wireless, deregulation of energy, solar, home security, etc. … and help end childhood hunger, I got started.”

“I had to have an operation on my hand and being a hairstylist I had no plain B! – Thats why I started my ACN Business”

I had no idea, I would have this much fun”  – Linda M.

Shalyn Story

“As a Real Estate Broker who was suffering through the crash of the Real Market, as well as being a single a mother, I knew it was my RESPONSIBILITY to find a PLAN B that would secure my daughter’s future.

I STARTED MY ACN BUSINESS, after hearing the credibility, witnessing the integrity, and seeing how the possibilities are endless … I decided to make this my life long journey!

– My Daughter deserves this blessing !!”


“My mother always went out of her way for me. She deserves so Much MORE than our current reality. Imagine providing more for your mother than she could ever dream.

started my business for my mother – She is worth it.

ACN just make complete sense!” Maurio P.

I was constantly traveling for the business while my wife was working full time which means we had little time together as a family.

We started our ACN business to create the life style that allows us to be in charge of our OWN time.

The freedom to spend time with our kids and provide our kids the stability of hands-on parenting – Mike C.

Al & Cynthia Story


Al Irby left a career as an executive in the Jet engine overhaul industry, to build a lucrative business as a Sports Agent, where he has negotiated contracts for professional athletes for the past 25+ years. He was introduced to ACN through a longtime friend and was immediately taken with the vast potential of the ACN opportunity. He enrolled immediately, and enrolled his wife Cynthia, a technology teacher with a background in Human Resources.

Today, the couple has the distinction of holding TWO (2) Team Coordinator positions and have built an organization of IBOs and customers spanning several states. Their motto has been ‘No IBO left behind’ signaling a dedication to stand with and help any business partner who has a hunger to succeed. They are excited for the future and for the many lives that this opportunity will touch.  They are blessed as well by the relationships and personal development that comes as a benefit of this remarkable business.  For the Irbys, ACN is a God gift.

“My parents came to America to provide for our family a better future;

I want to THANK my parents for their sacrifices by GIVING BACK TO THEM their freedom (time). The freedom to run their traditional business financially free – They Deserve It.

I Started my ACN business to help my parents and also to HELP others achieve their own freedom and goals as well in ACN”, Dalila

Marilou & Michael

This mother and son duo is building a massive business working together as a team.

Marilou background is in the health care industry and Michael is a college student.


“I was literally praying on the beach for over 60 minutes!  Crying out to God.  What do you want me to do with my life Lord?

All of a sudden my phone rang….Someone on the other end was making a reservation for a convention and they thought they had dialed the Marriott. Long story short – An amazing woman, Donna, encouraged me to call Mr. James Adlam AND the rest is History!!! I went home that evening, and because I was shocked that God would want me to be in network marketing – I got my bible out and started reading His Word! I asked God what ACN stood for and I heard “ACCEPT CHRIST NOW”

If your praying for an answer for your life …. and you hear about ACN, GET STARTED right away! It is the ANSWER to our prayers!” D

My background is in IT for the Federal Government and small businesses. I had to figure our another stream of income to replenish my daughters’ college funds and to take care of my mom. The compensation plan was simple and made sense.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme

A “pyramid scheme” is an illegal business model that attracts individuals by promising them payments or services if they enroll others to do the same, rather than on the sale of real products and services to real customers. The more recruits join the investment, the harder recruiting becomes, and more members are unable to profit. This type of business model is grossly unsustainable and is thus deemed illegal in the United States and many other countries. Pyramid schemes compensate based on recruitment, and in most cases there is no real product and no actual customers acquired.

However, legitimate direct selling companies, like ACN, compensate their IBOs based on the sale of real products and services to real customers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the direct selling industry, it is often easy to get caught up in common misconceptions like ‘direct sellers aren’t serious entrepreneurs’, ‘direct selling is outdated’, and ‘direct sellers are all stay-at-home moms’. All of these impressions, however, are wrong.

  • Though many direct sellers begin on a part-time basis with the goal up supplementing their monthly income, it’s not uncommon for some individuals to develop a successful base that allows them to support their family by working in direct sales full-time.
  • The direct-sales structure can be traced back to 1225 in the form of peddlers who went door-to-door selling products. And though it’s becoming more common in today’s economy, it’s far from being outdated. In fact, many believe that direct selling will only continue to grow in popularity as consumers continue to crave personal one-on-one shopping experiences and reliable products or services.
  • Direct selling is not just for stay-at-home-moms. In reality, it is a considerable opportunity for anyone willing to put in the work of building their own successful business. Business professionals, traditional business owners, former professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and many others have found prosperity and pride in the direct selling industry.
  • Lastly, the direct selling model is designed to be a level playing field in which everyone can succeed. Whether you have just started a direct selling business or have been in the industry for years, the opportunity to build a successful business is all the same.

Though everyone has an equal chance to find success in the direct selling industry, those with dedication and a hard work ethic are the most likely to come out on top. At ACN, compensation is based 100-percent on the sale of real products and services to real customers. For more than two decades, ACN has enabled thousands of individuals just like yourself to operate a legitimate business in which they find success and grow independently as reputable IBOs. The verified reviews on this site come from real ACN direct sellers and customers who have experienced the challenges and successes of what it’s like to be a part of the ACN community.

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