Working For Yourself in 2017

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Working For Yourself in 2017

December 28, 2016 James Adlam, Knowledge

Top 5 Real Reasons working for yourself is predicted to reach a record high in 2017


1. You thought about it in 2016



Before 2016, I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. I didn’t love it, but I loved the income. If you’ve ever been out of work, you would much rather be working than not. What I really wanted was to work for myself. I would let the idea float in and out of my head for years. Finally, I had enough. The fact that you keep thinking about it is enough evidence that you should be pursuing it.

2. Ride the Tide

I’m not a political guy. Never been. It would seem to me and everyone paying any attention that the new administration will favor the business owner. Let’s assume tax laws favor working for yourself in 2017…that’s only great if you work for yourself. Most people would say “well that’s not fair” or some variation of that thought. Maybe. But no one is stopping you from owning a business and benefiting. You can complain or ride the tide.

3. A Bet on You

People always talk about the statistical odds of failing in business. Look if someone can make it, you can make it. Well consider that you will fail in 100% of the businesses you don’t start. You have to bet on you. Fear of the new and what if it doesn’t work is not important. Starting is the important part. Trust yourself. Imagine if 99% of new businesses fail your only focus should be learn from the 1%.

4. Reroute

Don’t you wish life was like your gps. If you’re going the wrong way it says reroute. So many people know that they are going the wrong way but refuse to reroute. Going the wrong way in your car can inconvenience you buy a matter of minutes. Going the wrong way in your career can cost you years of your life. If you are an entrepreneur it never leaves you. If you are feeling an unrest inside the cubicle it means you are supposed to be free. Rerouting is simply taking the action to what you really want, rather accepting what is as all there is.

5. Socioeconomic Darwinist

Darwin talked about the survival of the fittest. Working for yourself and all the good, bad, and ugly in between creates a fitness for life. To have to figure out the solutions rather than to default to a supervisor changes you. When you know that you can figure out anything that comes at you, that is priceless. Business owners are problem solvers, and problem solvers create wealth. Attack business ownership problems and learn how to become more fit than the vast majority of people.

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