Weather Report at the 25th Anniversary Event in Charlotte

Team Revolution - Possibility to Reality

Weather Report at the 25th Anniversary Event in Charlotte

February 14, 2018 ACN International Training Event

With 1 day until the 25TH ANNIVERSARY ACN Training Event, I want you to be READY, so I’m sending you tips on how to get the most out of the event.

It’s Going to Be Warm, Cold and Rainy 

If you’ve never been to Charlotte… Get ready for Warm, Cold and slight Rain

Outside of the arena it will be WARM  Thursday and FridayCOLD and Rainy Saturday and Sunday

Inside the Spectrum Center arena will be Chilly.

Going in and out will be a drastic temperature change.

Bring a jacket when you’re at the Conference.

The content will be on FIRE but…

It will be chilly inside the arena.

When you go out during the day, remember your jacket.

The temperature drops at night.


Team Revolution Attire

For almost 2 decades, Team Revolution has taken pride in our tradition to wear our custom camouflage silk tie/scarf and t-shirts.

The SILVER, BLACK & WHITE camouflage represents the diversity of our race and beliefs. We want ALL people to win and contribute to bettering their community and family.

The EAGLE represents vision. The vision to SEE what others cannot.

The LION represents courage. The courage to FIGHT for that vision.

The CREST reads, “A posse ad esse,” which means from possibility to reality. There is greatness inside of YOU that the world has yet to see. Allow it to be released here with us.

  • THURSDAY & SUNDAY – Team custom t-shirts
  • FRIDAY – Business. All BLACK. Team custom camo tie/scarf.
  • SATURDAY – Business. All Black. BLUE shirt. Team camouflage tie/scarf.

​We will have team custom silk ties and scarves available for purchase at our team events held on Thursday and Saturday.


Charlotte Itinerary 

Safe Travels. Look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!

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