Where Are You in Your Process?

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Where Are You in Your Process?

January 3, 2018 James Adlam

I hope this finds you and your family blessed.

When you joined ACN you saw the opportunity for residual income. You saw the logic of getting paid on essential services. Where are you in your process? Are you building your residual income? Have you been promoted in the compensation plan? Have your goals been met?

Your Daily Decisions Are The Window To Your Belief.  The work you put in consistently in an area will bear its fruits in time.  You have to give time…time.

 I remember being asked to go to an International event when my bank was negative. I remember my first thought was I’m not going. I remember the speaker kept training and something told me I had to go.  That one decision changed my life.
It only takes a moment to change your life.  When you make a decision your entire life becomes separated from the people who try.
If you have not done so Decide to come to Detroit. Decide to earn the ETT position so you can attend our Thursday, September 14th VIP Leadership session. Decide to be promoted to the next position & 100 personal point milestone.
Most importantly decide that YOUR decisions matter enough that you will follow through no matter how you feel or what your circumstances say. That last one is where most people fall away.  When everything is in your favor I truly don’t know you.  I know who you are when you are challenged to overcome.  Overcome whatever you must to get what you want.  See you in Detroit!
STEP 3: Dial Into Monday, September 4th LIVE Business Training Call
To Your Dreams, Goals and Freedom
James Adlam
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